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Is Daily Content Publishing Dead?

Should you publish a powerful piece of content once or twice a month or publish “simple” content daily?  Here’s the answer that solves the problem and advances your authority consistently.

Recently Marisa Murgatroyd collaborated with Don Crowther to publish predictions for the internet marketing strategies that show the most promise for 2018. 

One of those predictions is that “the days of frequent (daily) publication of low-value content are rapidly dying.  Experience shows that a single powerful piece of content presented once or twice a month will yield better results than weak content delivered daily.” 

At about the same time, long-time internet marketers Jim Edwards and Jeff Herring recommended the use of “simple” content published daily, content that provides value to the audience that motivates action or builds good will, and that can be absorbed simply. 

Here’s a tip from your Authority Marketing Mentor:  Why not do both! 

Unless you are segmenting your audience by their content preferences, chances are your audience has members that prefer longer content that can be consumed less frequently, along with other members that like short bits of content on a more frequent basis.  By giving people with shorter attention spans content in shorter bursts, it is more likely that they will get more value from your content.  It is unlikely they will finish longer content that requires a longer attention span.

And short content doesn’t have to be “low-value.”  You can easily create a short list of tips, a short step-by-step “how-to” instruction, or an excerpt from a longer teaching you have in a shorter format.

So why not create your high-value content in short segments that can stand alone, as well as be combined into a longer, powerful piece of content for those who prefer longer content.  It’s the perfect way to build your authority with your entire audience.

How To Leverage Your Content Daily For Best Results

Since you likely are not segmenting your audience by their content preferences, chances are your audience has members who prefer longer content that can be consumed less frequently, along with other members that like short bits of content on a more frequent basis.  As a result, you need ways to communicate successfully using content that appeals to both types of audience members.

But you have a business to run, and creating massive amounts of diverse content to satisfy your audience preferences is not on your daily “to-do” list.  The good news is that there is an easy way to leverage your content daily to satisfy your entire audience.

You can (1) create short pieces of content that can stand alone, but can also be combined to create longer content, or (2) you can start with a longer piece of content and then break it up into shorter segments that can stand alone.

If you create shorter content that can later be combined into longer pieces of content, you may have more flexibility to create more leveraged content.  You can combine shorter pieces of content in different ways to produce longer content, and as a result, you may be able to create more pieces of longer content with the same number of shorter pieces of content. 

The process is similar to creating a dinner menu.  You start with a main dish, then you add side dishes and a dessert.  Broiled chicken with green beans, mashed potatoes with butter and chocolate cake is not the same meal as fried chicken with green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, and lemon bars.  You start with the same chicken, but you give it a different “flavor” by changing how you present it.  You use the same green beans in the same format, and you enhance the basic mashed potatoes in different ways.  You finish with two completely different desserts.  You have created two completely different meals by starting with some of the same basic ingredients, then changing the presentation, and adding some unique elements for your final result.

The key to successfully combining your content is to be thinking about your message and market positioning when creating your short pieces of content.  Each piece of short content should have value not only as a stand-alone message, but also as part of longer pieces of breakout content that can enhance your position as an authority with your audience. 

To do this, you might choose a theme, and create your content for a month around that theme.  Because the theme is consistent, you likely can combine pieces of short content to create longer content, whether that longer content is a single article or a 3-part series.

By focusing on how it will be possible to leverage your content into new content as you create it, you can satisfy your diverse audience preferences for both long and short content without creating each piece of long content individually.

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