For Social Media Managers, Local Marketing Consultants, Newbies, and Anyone Else Who Wants A Simple, Solid Business Strategy That Works …

Are you sick and tired of trying like crazy to get people to listen to you on social media but you can’t gain the traction you need?

Are you frustrated because you can’t think of things to write your list to keep them interested?

Are you looking for an easy way to communicate with your prospects on a regular basis so that they will take action?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then I think you may get something out of reading the rest of this letter.

Not so long ago I was frustrated  because I tried different strategies that weren't working.  I was following the same path you may be following now ...  trying to find a road map that would work for me. 

I bought lots of training.  Some of it was too technical, some of it was too complicated, and some of it was good, but it just wasn't working for me.  Then I decided to try something that had worked for me in the past.  Through trial and error I figured out how to publish newsletters that were easy to create and that could deliver results for me.

Now you may be thinking that the easiest way to communicate with customers and prospects is through social media.  But social media has its limitations.  It's easy for your customers and prospects to miss your posts in their feeds unless you post several times a day.  However, when you publish a newsletter that your customers and prospects want to read because it gives them great value, they will look for it in their inbox. 

And unlike social media, newsletters can be used for offline promotion too.

Here’s the thing -- you’re probably thinking that newsletters are old school.  You think they’re not sexy, not exciting, not something that’s new so it will be easy to sell to your clients. 
You think they’re as outdated as dial-up modems, vinyl records and Ford Pintos.  You probably think that it takes tons of time to write the content (and you hate to write content).  

I get it.  Writing a newsletter on a regular basis can be difficult and time-consuming.  But it doesn't have to be.

I know because I’ve done it, creating dozens of newsletters over the years.  The reason why you haven’t done it before is probably because you didn’t think newsletters would work for you.  Hopefully you can see why they can work for you, but it doesn’t make creating a newsletter any easier.

That’s where I come in.  I have created a complete system that gives you an easy-to-follow roadmap to creating newsletters that connect with people so deeply that they become customers and connections, and they will want to work with you.

So what is this "secret" strategy that seems too good to be true?

It’s  C.A.S.H.  In  With  Newsletters,
a  complete  system  that  gives you an easy-to-follow roadmap
to cash, customers and connections.


It's a complete blueprint mindmap packed with valuable content that walks you through the  C.A.S.H. In with Newsletters system.

You'll discover how to

  • attract your ideal clients like a magnet,
  • create content easily and practically effortlessly, and
  • build your authority reputation as you collaborate with top leaders in your community.

What Would It Mean To Your Business To
Add $500 Or More To Your Income ...
Any Time You Want?

Or to have a business model that can easily be outsourced, giving you more time to spend with your family?

Would you like to spend less time glued to your computer, freeing up more time to enjoy your favorite things?

And how would it feel to have prospects begging to work with you instead of constantly chasing them?

Are you ready to try something new this year to give your business a solid foundation for growth or to boost your marketing results?

If you are, then the  C.A.S.H. In With Newsletters Blueprint   might be the right choice for you, so keep reading ...

Here's What You'll Get ...

You'll get a solid business model to help you create a new business as a newsletter publisher or add a new source of revenue to your existing business.  Start today, and you can start seeing results next week.

Just want to promote your own business more effectively?  The easy-to-follow blueprint will show you ways to leverage your newsletter and its content into an entire month of marketing, saving you time and extra effort.

You'll create a template that makes it easy to cut-and-paste the content for your newsletter, so you don't have to start from scratch each time you publish a new issue.

Hate to write content?  You'll learn secrets to "create" content quickly and easily, even if you feel "brain dead" with no breakthrough ideas to share.  

Maybe you don't have a list to receive your newsletter.  No problem.  You'll see how you can use newsletters to build lists to help grow your business and
 attract new customers and prospects -- and other businesses will be happy to help you do it!

Need cash?  You'll see how you can use newsletters to make fast cash now, along with the easiest way to profit over time.

Are you ready to profit while you outsource?  You'll learn what to outsource, and why you'll  benefit when you do some things yourself.

You'll see how you can create a cutting-edge newsletter that  positions you as a marketing authority in your marketplace and elevates you as a breakthrough leader.


This system includes an easy
step-by-step, “how to get started” section
so you can create your first newsletter immediately.  

Find Out How To ...

•    Set your priority goal and identify your top targets 
•    Create your newsletter name and theme
•    Create the banner for your newsletter template, with
     step-by-step instructions  if you need them

•    Create your newsletter template, with step-by-step
      instructions if you need them

•    Create the content you need, with special secrets for
      those  who hate to write content

•    Complete your first newsletter in less than 1 week
•    Make fast cash with your newsletter
•    Profit over time as you grow your business
•    Get a fast start, even if you don’t have current clients
•    Use your newsletter to easily build a profitable list 

And don't worry about getting stuck along the way.

You’ll have access to a  private Facebook group to get your questions answered so you can keep moving forward to success. 

You’ll also get additional tips and training to increase the value of your newsletter even more.

I'm Jan Sandhouse Hurst, and when you invest in my  C.A.S.H. In With Newsletters Blueprint, you’ll get the benefit of my experience creating dozens of newsletters, as well as many years I’ve spent learning best practices, so you can confidently jump right in without a lot of costly trial and error.  And you will also get some of my best secrets for successful newsletters.

Right now you can grab the 
C.A.S.H.  In  With  Newsletters Blueprint
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