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The #1 fear that keeps entrepreneurs or their marketing managers from creating a newsletter is the lack of confidence in their ability to create content for the newsletter.  They feel inadequate in their ability to create content that their customers and ideal prospects will want to devour.  Some feel they lack sufficient skills in grammar and vocabulary.  But those are just excuses, and if you are ready to add a newsletter to your marketing mix, they are easy to overcome.

Here are two suggestions you can use:

1. Hire a “babysitter,” a teenager who has good skills and would rather write content for you than babysit children for spending money.  Look for a good student with good writing skills.  Don’t know one?  Ask for recommendations at your local high school.

2. Reprint an article from, and add a comment about why you chose to share that particular article.  (Be sure to follow the guidelines for reprinting the article.)  Your target audience wants good information, and the value of the information to them is more important than whether you wrote it yourself or not.  Just add the extra value by telling them why you find it relevant or important, and you can become their trusted source.

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