Ready To Build Authority? Start Here …

When the Egyptians built their pyramids, the created a strong foundation, and as they moved upward, they used less building material, focusing on shaping the pyramid until it was finished.

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5 Winning Ideas You Can Use To Promote Your Brand Effectively

One of the 3 “Ps” of authority brand positioning is Promotion, which involves deciding what messages to use to support your brand as well as how those messages will be delivered.  Promoting your brand involves creating brand awareness, influencing the … Read more

Marketing Alchemy: 3 Ways To Turn Marketing Expenses Into Profit Centers

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Give Your Brand A Winning Personality

One of the 3 “Ps” of authority brand positioning is Personality.  Some brands have a strong brand personality.  McDonald’s has Ronald McDonald as its personality.  He is immediately recognized worldwide as the face of McDonalds.  For years Target used a … Read more