3 Frequently Asked Questions About Newsletters

Is one of these frequently asked questions stopping you from creating a high-value newsletter that can help your business grow quickly and easily?

1.    Newsletters seem so “last century.” Do they still work to help businesses grow?

Like most marketing tools that last, newsletters have evolved to meet the environment around them. Newsletters are now delivered online as well as offline. And they incorporate many new options, like social media and clickable links.
To stay relevant, 21st century newsletters find new ways to engage the audience, attract subscribers, and create profits for a business. So look for up-to-date training like C.A.S.H. In With Newsletters with creative tips, tricks and techniques that will help you add a high-value newsletter to your marketing system.

2.    Doesn’t it take lots of time to create content for a newsletter?

The single biggest obstacle some people face when publishing a newsletter is consistently creating good content that will magnetically attract their ideal prospects, as well as provide high value to existing customers. This obstacle appears to be a brick wall to them, and it can be hard for them to figure out how to break through and be able to create their compelling content regularly.
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3.    How do I know if newsletters are a good fit with my business?

Here are 3 ways you can easily test-drive a newsletter:
1) Use a template from your autoresponder company;
2) Take the FREE 5-Day Newsletter Challenge, which will show you how to use free tools to create your first newsletter; or
3) Purchase a standardized done-for-you newsletter.

Send the newsletter to your email list with a link to a simple survey form so your audience can provide feedback.

Don’t have an email list yet? The C.A.S.H. In With Newsletters training can show you how to use a newsletter to begin building one.

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