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This book is for you if you

— are looking for a job in a corner office, political office, or your first cubicle office;

— want a manufacturing job, a clerical job, or a technical job; or

— are men or women over 50 and ready to try something different to find new or better employment;

— are a new or recent college graduate who wants to break away from the resume roller-coaster.

Whatever kind of job you want, this guide will show you how to create a clever and highly effective job search campaign, using a unique combination of marketing tactics, to position you as the best candidate for the job, the one who deserves to be elected or chosen for the job you want.

You’ll get a straightforward action plan, step-by-step directions, easy-to-follow scripts, and a unique approach to marketing yourself to win the job of your dreams.

And if you are considering a career or job change, this handbook will present ideas to help you develop a strategy to position yourself as an outstanding candidate and expand your network of helpful contacts.

Just like a successful political campaign, your campaign for your dream job or career should help you build increased recognition and respect that will lead to increased influence in your search. You need to stand out from the other job candidates with your messages and style. You’ll want to use different ways to share information about your strengths, skills and successes to increase the chances that a company will “vote” to hire you. And you want to demonstrate how a company will benefit by “electing” you for the job.

This book will show you how to separate yourself from the herd of job seekers and create an effective campaign to help you win the job of your dreams!